How do you hook your visitors?

Acknowledge the job to be done, the pain, the goal with a question, with a story? Connect with the lizard brain.

Why does this site exist?

This site is meant to help you put together your website. It is made up of triggers and of why, how, what question groups. Your answers are the ideas for content you will put in any given location.

Give and Get

What goes into a home page?

The home page can be the first thing your buyer finds or it could be the page where they go back to get their bearings. What do they want to get done? Why are they here? Think of the buyer’s intent at this point of the journey.


Share your purpose. We are emotional. Our rationale self is wrapped around a lizard brain. Connect with the lizard brain, our emotional part.



How are you do you deliver value, establish expertise, trust, help people buy in?

What is Your Value




What are examples of your expertise?

What is your performance? What have you done?

Why should they trust?

What are you affiliations, endorsements, testimonials?

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